Brigitta Baker

Brigitta Baker was adopted during the closed adoption era, and has been in reunion with her birth family since 2008. Her professional experience ranges from advisory roles in the public sector through to positions with large corporations within human resource management, training facilitation, leadership development, organisational development and coaching. Alongside her day job as a senior leader, Brigitta is training in psychotherapy with the aim of working more deeply with adopted people to help them process their experiences.

Writing has always been a key passion in her life. From the moment she had her first article published in a historical journal at the age of 17, Brigitta knew she had an affinity with the written word. A degree in history and sociology at Canterbury University meant that she did almost nothing but write for four years during her university studies. Since then, she has been the go-to person in every organisation she has worked for when marketing materials, website content, policy manuals, press releases, business plans and newsletters need to be written. She was never quite sure she had a book in her, and the process of writing Adopted has proved as challenging as everyone told her it would be.

Brigitta is based in Wellington with her husband, Andrew. Her two daughters, Zoë and Jade, are pursuing studies in Dunedin. She enjoys keeping fit by tackling the nearby hills and bush tracks, practising yoga on a regular basis, and walking their pampered puppy Molly around the waterfront. She occasionally has a bash around the tennis court with Andrew when he deigns to give her a lesson, but it often ends in tears as she doesn’t like being told what to do (even by a former professional tennis coach)!