Annual 2

A New Zealand miscellany

Kate De Goldi and Susan Paris

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Hard cover


A bountiful annual bursting with delights for young readers

Annual 2 contains all-new material for 9- to- 13-year-olds. The result is a highly original, contemporary take on the much-loved annuals of the past — all in one beautiful package. Alongside familiar names publishing for children — Gavin Mouldey, Sarah Johnson, Ben Galbraith, Barry Faville, Giselle Clarkson, and Gregory O’Brien — you’ll find the unexpected, including a new song by Bic Runga, a small-town mystery by Paul Thomas, and a classic New Zealand comic illustrated by new talent Henry Christian Slane.

The editors wanted to throw a completely different kind of publication into the mix, to create something that was both familiar and unexpected. ‘We channelled our younger selves: curious, discerning, up for anything. We tried to make a book we wish we’d be given. All the content is commissioned. This meant we were able to achieve a good balance of gender, ethnicity, and rural/urban experiences. We wanted to reach as many kinds of readers as possible.’

Annual is playful and smart and packed with content — a book for the whole family. Readers can also visit the website — www. — to download additional material and read more about the contributors.

  • CATEGORY: Children's books
  • ISBN: 978-0-4733952-3-0
  • ESBN: N/A
  • PUBLISHER: Annual Ink
  • IMPRINT: Annual Ink
  • PUBLISHED: 08/09/2017
  • PAGE EXTENT: 152
  • FORMAT: Hard cover
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Susan Paris has twenty years’ experience in publishing. She has edited the School Journal for fifteen years, producing more than fifty Journals.

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Kate De Goldi works with children in schools throughout New Zealand, promoting reading and teaching creative writing.