Army Fundamentals

From making soldiers to the limits of the military instrument

Edited by B. K. Greener

A unique insider view of the New Zealand Army

How do we understand the functions of militaries of democratic societies? How good soldiers are made, how they behave when posted overseas, the issue of gender and the increased use of military beyond their core functions all demand a closer academic examination.

This edited collection brings together work by exciting new scholars as well as established academics, and examines the identity and functions of the New Zealand Army from a range of perspectives. Drawing on anthropology, political studies, international relations, development studies, law, and defence and security studies, it provides a multi-­faceted view of one military organisation, and helps further our understanding of the character and the challenges of military personnel and institutions in the twenty-first century.

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  • CATEGORY: Ebooks, Military history, Security and defence studies
  • ISBN: 9780994140739
  • ESBN: 9780994140746
  • PUBLISHER: Massey University Press
  • IMPRINT: Massey University Press
  • PUBLISHED: 08/05/2017
  • PAGE EXTENT: 288
  • FORMAT: Soft cover
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Dr Bethan Greener is Associate Professor in the Politics programme at Massey, and her research has focused on international security issues and security in the Asia-Pacific region.