Fundamentals of Finance — ebook edition

Financial institutions and markets, personal finance, financial management

Andrea Bennett, Jenny Parry and Carolyn Wirth

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An indispensable guide that is both a stand-alone introduction to finance and a great foundation for further finance study

This fourth revised and updated edition gives a practical overview of contemporary finance from a New Zealand perspective. It helps students understand:

  • How the financial system and the institutions within it operate.
  • How and why financial decisions are made.
  • The tools, techniques and concepts used in finance, and how they are applied to the
    major sectors of finance.
  • How individuals plan their short- and long-term financial activities.
  • How business organisations manage and finance their short- and long-term financial

Broad in scope, Fundamentals of Finance explains the important financial decisions made by businesses and individuals, and how these decisions are influenced by the financial environment in which we live and work. It provides an introduction to finance that assists students to make their own financial decisions. Helpful features include: examples, self-test questions (with solutions!), learning objectives, a glossary of terms and useful formulae.

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  • CATEGORY: Business, finance and economics, Ebooks, Finance, Textbooks
  • ISBN: 9780995137844
  • ESBN: 9780995137844
  • PUBLISHER: Massey University Press
  • IMPRINT: Massey Texts
  • PUBLISHED: 01/07/2020
  • PAGE EXTENT: 320
  • FORMAT: Ebook
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Carolyn Wirth holds a PhD in Finance from Massey University and her current research investigates the corporate financial implications of country-level environmental regulatory stringency.

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Andrea Bennett is a senior tutor in Massey’s School of Business and her research focuses on financial systems, investments and financial planning, and financial literacy.

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Jenny Parry is a former senior lecturer in the Department of Finance, Banking and Property at Massey University, and is now a self-employed consultant.