The history, flora and fauna of Te Hauturu-o-Toi/Little Barrier Island

Lyn Wade and Dick Veitch

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A richly illustrated account of the island’s diverse plants and animals, and the people behind this globally significant conservation success story

Te Hauturu-o-Toi/Little Barrier Island is a global symbol of conservation success and innovation. Rising to the highest point in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf, Hauturu seems to stand sentinel over its rare and endangered
birds, plants and animals. Often described as the most intact native ecosystem in Aotearoa New Zealand, it is the country’s first nature reserve and home to its most diverse native bird and reptile communities as well as to a prodigious number of seabirds and a vast array of invertebrate fauna.

The story of the island is not just of its animals and plants, but of people too: of Ngāti Manuhiri, the tangata whenua of Hauturu, and of the rangers, researchers and volunteers whose efforts have inspired the conservation world. In this comprehensive account, experts across a range of fields describe the history and biodiversity of this special place, accompanied by hundreds of photographs of plants and animals, habitats and history.

  • CATEGORY: Natural history
  • ISBN: 978-0-9951095-8-2
  • ESBN: N/A
  • PUBLISHER: Massey University Press
  • IMPRINT: Massey University Press
  • PUBLISHED: 12/09/2019
  • PAGE EXTENT: 400
  • FORMAT: Soft cover
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Lyn Wade has been a member of the Little Barrier Island (Hauturu) Supporters’ Trust since its inception in 1997.

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Dick Veitch spent his working career with the New Zealand Wildlife Service, now part of the Department of Conservation.