Kaewa the Kororā

Rachel Haydon with illustrations by Pippa Keel

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Soft cover


A delightful children’s book about little penguins

Join Kaewa the kororā as she explores her strange new world at the National Aquarium. She is taken under the flipper of Captain, a one-eyed kororā who introduces her to the colourful characters of the penguin colony. As she finds out about life in her new home — free food and fun friends! — a mysterious presence seems to be behind a series of ‘accidents’. What is going on?

This feel-good mystery for young readers and their families has a great cast of engaging characters based on real penguins at New Zealand’s National Aquarium. Its gorgeous illustrations are full of detail and give a penguin’s-eye view of life at the aquarium.

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‘A gorgeous book with appealing and informative text alongside warm and descriptive illustrations that will delight young readers’ — Swings & Roundabouts

  • CATEGORY: Children and young adults, Natural history and environment
  • ISBN: 9780995143159
  • PUBLISHER: Massey University Press
  • IMPRINT: Massey University Press
  • PUBLISHED: 07/10/2021
  • FORMAT: Soft cover
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Rachel Haydon is the general manager of the National Acquarium of New Zealand, in Napier, and a children’s author.

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Pippa Keel is an award-winning illustration designer.