Essays on being childless, childfree and child-adjacent

Edited by Alie Benge, Lil O’Brien and Kathryn van Beek

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Interrogating: Am I mother, or am I other?

In Aotearoa the number of people who will never have children is growing — and they’re pushing back against the narrative that if they don’t, their lives will be somehow ‘less than’.

Otherhood’s essays are by writers who’ve felt on the outside looking in, who’ve lived unexpected lives and who’ve given the finger to social expectations. Some chose to be childfree, some didn’t get to choose and some — through bereavement or blended family dynamics — ask themselves: Am I a mother or am I other?

Thought-provoking, moving and often hilarious, Otherhood opens a more inclusive conversation about what makes a fulfilling life.

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  • CATEGORY: Biography and memoir, Contemporary issues, Gender and identity, Lifestyle
  • ISBN: 9781991016744
  • ESBN: 9781991016751
  • PUBLISHER: Massey University Press
  • IMPRINT: Massey University Press
  • PUBLISHED: 09/05/2024
  • PAGE EXTENT: 308
  • FORMAT: Soft cover
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Alie Benge (she/her) is a New Zealand writer who lives in London.

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Lil O’Brien (she/her) is the author of Not That I’d Kiss a Girl (2020), a beloved Kiwi memoir about coming out during her years at Otago University, among other things.

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Kathryn van Beek (she/her) is the author of two children’s books and the short story collection Pet (2020), which is also available as a podcast.