Women and Work in Asia and the Pacific

Experiences, challenges and ways forward

Edited by Jane Parker, Marian Baird, Noelle Donnelly and Rae Cooper

Gender equity at work and beyond

Working women everywhere face discrimination. Inequality and lack of inclusion is reinforced through regulation, policy, behaviours and attitudes. Although there has been progress in some countries, gender equality at work has yet to be achieved by any nation.

This in-depth study examines the challenges faced by working women, their families and communities in ten countries throughout Asia and the Pacific: Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Pakistan and the Philippines. Informed by the work of senior academics, policy-makers and community group representatives, and with a foreword by Elizabeth Broderick AO, independent expert, for the Working Group on Discrimination Against Women and Girls, United Nations Human Rights Council, working women’s experiences are described and analysed within a framework of four themes: demography, globalisation, technological development and sustainability.

Drawing on this wide range of qualitative and quantitative evidence, the authors set out recommendations for co-ordinated and context-sensitive responses specific to each country to improve the working lives of women and girls.

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  • CATEGORY: Asia and Pacific studies, Business, finance and economics, Contemporary issues, Ebooks, Gender and identity
  • ISBN: 9781991016034
  • ESBN: 9781991016324
  • PUBLISHER: Massey University Press
  • IMPRINT: Massey University Press
  • PUBLISHED: 09/02/2023
  • PAGE EXTENT: 368
  • FORMAT: Soft cover
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Professor Jane Parker specialises in employment relations and human resource management.

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Rae Cooper AO is a professor of gender, work and employment relations at the University of Sydney Business School

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Dr Noelle Donnelly is a senior lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington Te Herenga Waka

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Dr Marian Baird AO, FASSA is a professor of gender and employment relations, head of the Discipline of Work and Organisation Studies, and co-director of the Women and Work Research Group at the University of Sydney Business School in Australia