Manawatu Standard reviews Home: New Writing

<p>Thom Conroy, editor of <em>Home: New Writing</em>. </p>

Thom Conroy, editor of Home: New Writing

A new collection of essays from New Zealand authors contemplates the concept of home. Carly Thomas had a read.

Home is a word heavy with substance. It hums with association, takes the mind by the hand and leads it back to memory.

It's a personal space where connections run deep and it's those connections that have spilt over onto the page of a book where the title Home is stamped in tangelo on the cover.

It is a collection of new writing, essays from 22 New Zealand writers, both established and emerging. Edited by Manawatu's very own Thom Conroy, the book has given space for three other local writers – Tina Makereti, Helen Lehndorf and Nick Allen.

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