In search of the missing murals of E. Mervyn Taylor


Sally Blundell tells the story of Bronwyn Holloway-Smith’s search for the lost murals of Mervyn Taylor in the New Zealand Listener:

‘In 2016, artist and self-described “art detective” Bronwyn Holloway-Smith put up a wanted poster for the mural in a cafe in the small Hawke’s Bay town. Late last year, she received a phone call from someone who had the mural: it had been safely stored in the garage for 15 years. The caller didn’t want the $5000 reward, and Holloway-Smith could come and photograph the work so long as the request for anonymity was respected.

‘So, there it is, on page 241 of her new book, Wanted: The Search for the Modernist Murals of E Mervyn Taylor, a stack of wooden panels depicting a stylised standoff between a group of settlers and a Māori rangatira, a frozen moment in the troubled history of Te Urewera.’

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