Three brilliant reviews of The Writing Life


Lesley Vlietstra has reviewed The Writing Life, by Deborah Shepard, for the Booksellers NZ blog:

‘There are so many things to like about this book, The Writing Life Twelve New Zealand Authors. Deborah Shepard has interviewed the twelve authors and produced a book incorporating the very personal interviews, accompanying photographs and extra information. The book itself is well made, with a soft cover beneath a matching dust cover, and with pleasingly thick paper reminiscent of the days when new books arrived with uncut pages. It has a heft which promises a feast of good things and it doesn’t disappoint.

‘The twelve authors are men and women who have written in various genres throughout the years 1959 to 2018, on topics addressing such themes as death and loss, the joy they have found in writing and much more. For aspiring authors there is also advice on writing itself, which, given the depth of talent and length of time these ones have been engaged in their craft, is an invaluable treasure.’

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And Paula Green of the Poetry Shelf blog writes:

‘I love this book. I love the way it returns me to writing I am familiar with and lives that I am not. It reminds me that the writing process is addictive, sustaining and for many a necessary joy. It is not a criticism — because I found the interviews I have read immensely satisfying — but at the end of each one I wanted to enter the room and carry on the conversation myself.’

To read Paula's full review, click here.


And finally Louise O’Brien reviewed it for the Nine to Noon programme on RNZ:

‘If you love the work of the authors, if you're interested in the writing process or as a kind of collected biography of New Zealand society ... it works on all those levels.’

Listen to the full review here.