Announcing the winners of the Poetry NZ Yearbook Student Poetry Competition 2020


The winners are:

Year 13

First prize: Pippi Jean, ‘Class of 2020’ and 11.11pm’ 

Second prize: Georgia Wearing, ‘Bury the Lamb’ 

Third prize: Catherine Bullock, ‘Orthotropics’ 

Highly commended: Alia Wentz, ‘In between’, and Lily Joyce, ‘How Long will my heart bleed’

Year 12

First prize: Cadence Chung, ‘Hey Girls’ 

Second prize: Theles Hakaria, ‘Tōku Whare’ 

Third prize: Cadence Chung, ‘We Lovers’ 

Highly commended: Lucy Barge, ‘Scratchy Shuffles’, and Holly Willis, ‘Heaters’

Year 11

First prize: Darcy Monteath, ‘World War Two’

Second prize: Praniti Gulyani, ‘What it takes to be a Window’ 

Third prize: Luke Aldridge, ‘Tiki Tour’, and Moeka Koyama, ‘Character of Music’ 

Highly commended: Sarah-Kate Simons, ‘Scar Tissue’, and Fergus McMullan, ‘Uniform’