Academy of New Zealand Literature reviews High Wire


Ian Wedde has reviewed High Wire at the Academy of Zealand Literature Te Whare Matatuhi o Aotearoa:

‘High Wire is the first picture book in the kōrero series from Massey University Press. The endpaper credit announces this as inviting ‘new and exciting collaborations – for two different kinds of artistic intelligence to work away at a shared topic’. Here, the two collaborators are the writer Lloyd Jones and the artist Euan Macleod. I’d add the book designer Gary Stewart of The Gas Project (‘design and stuff’), a Central Otago-based design office with a remarkable books catalogue. The Jones/Macleod kōrero debut is an ambitious place to start and on the strength of this launch we can look forward to the series, which I hear on the grapevine will include a collaboration between the photographer Haru Sameshima and the writer Paula Morris, subject: Robin Hyde.’

Read the full review here.