One Minute Crying Time reviewed — twice — on The Spinoff


‘Ewing writes that “we can only know the real plot of the story of a life, how one event led to another, in retrospect – and even then only perhaps if we have a clear enough record”. The record she candidly examines of those formative years in her own life, years full of heartache and yearning, frustration and delight, years in which she was at times crippled with anxiety and a desperate desire to know more, has given her (and us) a deeper understanding of how we “become”, of how our memories flicker in truth but can be rewritten, rearranged or even erased to suit the needs of our present.’ — Michael Hurst 

‘I like the idea of this book, the older woman revisiting her young self ... Ewing is an intelligent and analytical observer of her own life, and an honest one.’ — Linda Burgess 

Michael Hurst and Linda Burgess review One Minute Crying Time on The Spinoff.
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