Britt Mann interviews Barbara Sumner


Britt Mann interviews Barbara Sumner, author of moving new memoir Tree of Strangers.

Britt Mann: In your book, you challenge narratives around adoption – that adopted people are lucky, that they should be grateful, that being sacrificed by their mothers was an act of love and courage. You have this line – “public discourse rarely describes adoption as detrimental to human development”… What kinds of conversations had you had about this stuff? Is it quite controversial?

Barbara Sumner: I think it is quite controversial. Somebody said to me the other day – and if I hear any line from non-adopted people, I hear this – “Oh so-and-so, they were adopted and they LOVE their adopting parents. They had a really great time!” I guess my response to that is, whether you like it or not, whether you are happy or not, you still have fewer rights than other people.

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