The Architect and the Artists and Conversātiō named among Art Beat’s Best Art Books of 2021


The Architect and the Artists and Conversātiō appear on Art Beat’s list of Best Art Books of 2021. 

Of The Architect and the Artists, judge Andrew Paul Wood said: 

‘Collaborations between artists and architects in Aotearoa really don’t get enough attention, but this is a charming exception. The architect James Hackshaw, founder of The Group architects, produced around twelve uniquely fascinating builds in collaboration with Colin McCahon and sculptor Paul Dibble. Hackshaw and McCahon both shared an interest in Roman Catholic symbolism and Dibble was McCahon’s student. Although these projects included schools and private homes, it is the ecclesiastical architecture that stands out as taonga.’

Of Conversātiō: In the company of bees, judge Andrew Paul Wood said: 

‘For quite some time now leading New Zealand photographer Anne Noble has been obsessed — if that’s not too strong a word – with bees.  This has resulted in a rich, macroscopic body of work exploring the crises that face these little handmaidens of nature, from colony collapse to climate change. For the first time Conversātiō provides a textual consideration of the ideas embodied in these powerful images that range from tintypes to images taken with an electron microscope and by camera obscura.’

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