Melody Thomas interviews Sue Kedgley and Nicola Willis for Capital Magazine


Melody Thomas sits down to interview Sue Kedgely and Nicola Willis for Capital Magazine

‘When Sue Kedgley was sworn in to parliament in 1999 around 30% of New Zealand MPs were women. While this number was a vast improvement on previous years, it would refuse to budge for the next twenty.

Since the 2017 general election a wave of women has entered parliament, boosting the proportion of female MPs to 40%, the highest in New Zealand’s history. Nicola Willis is one of them.

Sue: When I first went into parliament there were the alpha males and the bullies… It’s not what I’d call a sort of welcoming, nurturing environment. Parliament was a men’s club. All the rules evolved to suit men. So it’s great to see young women like yourself [Nicola] and Jacinda, bringing children into the house and starting to break down that whole culture.’

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