Ash Damini reviews Te Kupenga


Ash Damini reviews Te Kupenga for Kete:

‘The Alexander Turnbull library is the oldest section of the National Library of New Zealand in Wellington. Alexander Turnbull, a merchant and a book collector, designed the National Library and donated his collection to it in 1918. In reference to his method of collecting he said, “Anything whatever relating to do with this colony, on its history, flora, fauna, geology and inhabitants, will be fish for my net.” Aptly, then, Te Kupenga translates into English as ‘The Net.’

This book is a collection of essays about objects — from letters and paintings to journals, photographs, posters, banners and books — that play a part in forming Aotearoa New Zealand’s history. Each of the 101 stories consists of a photographed item and accompanying text, told by those who work in the library today.‘

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