Peter Simpson reviews The Sun Is a Star


Peter Simpson reviews The Sun Is a Star for Kete: 

‘Dick Frizzell is a popular and accomplished painter, print-maker and something of an art historian – as in the recent Me, According to the History of Art (2020) – but it is something of a surprise to discover he is also an amateur cosmologist.

He has such sufficient grasp of such relatively arcane territory as to author The Sun Is a Star — a popularising book on the subject with a professional in the field, Samantha Lord, and visual contributions from Frizzell himself and about 30 of the artist’s friends.

Being well-connected, Frizzell has been able to draw on the talents of a heap of well-known artists, including (to mention some of the better known), Mark Braunias, Judy Darragh, Max Gimblett, Virginia Leonard, Karl Maughan, Sam Mitchell, Reg Mombassa (who for some reason is omitted from the biographical notes), Gregory O’Brien, Ani O’Neill, Reuben Patterson, Martin Poppelwell, Patrick Pound, John Pule, John Reynolds, Graham Sydney, Denys Watkins and Wayne Youle – it’s quite a line-up.

Others are drawn from Frizzell’s friends and family and since the origin of the book was a remark by his 7-year-old granddaughter (preserved in the title), the whole enterprise has an appealingly personal and parochial flavour.‘

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