John Daly-Peoples reviews The Architect and the Artist

<p>Author Bridget Hackshaw</p>

Author Bridget Hackshaw

‘One of the highlights of the 2020 exhibition “A Place to Paint” at the Auckland Art Gallery was Colin McCahon’s restored windows which had originally been the commissioned for the Convent Chapel of Our Lady of the Missions in Remuera.

‘The chapel designed by James Hackshaw was a major work of church architecture which saw a collaboration between the modernist architect, painter Colin McCahon and sculptor Paul Dibble.

‘In the 1960’s and 70’s they worked together on a number of architectural projects, often small chapels which until recently had very little public exposure. Now a new publication “The Architect and the Artists” conceived by the architect’s daughter, Bridget Hackshaw brings into the light the extent of the collaboration.

‘Along with extensive writing by Bridget Hackshaw there are  chapters by Peter Simpson, Peter Shaw, Julia Gatley, Alexa Johnston, Sister Maria J Park and Christopher Dudman the  book reveals how the collaborative process worked and  as well as looking at the wider influences and motivations behind architectural / art projects. We are made aware of the interplays  between contemporary architecture, historic church design, the demands of clients, the understanding of materials as well as personal visions.’

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