Kei te aha ngā kararehe? What are the animals doing? reviewed by Swings + Roundabouts


Kei te aha ngā kararehe? What are the animals doing? review in Swings + Roundabouts:

‘This beautifully photographed board book follows a question/answer format, Kei te aha te punua kau? What is the calf doing? Kei te inu te punua kau. The calf is drinking.

This book is available in both bilingual and te reo Māori editions, with the bilingual edition great for supporting young children to learn to reo Māori about farm animals alongside simple structure sentences as well allowing for conversations between adults and children, such as where the animals live, what they eat and what they are doing in the photo. The simple repetition encourages children and adults learning te reo Māori to learn and use these simple sentence structures.

Being a board book allows for longevity and the ability for the book to be loved by our youngest tamariki to our oldest pre-schoolers who are just starting their learning of te reo Māori.’

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