Kete reivews The Architect and the Artists


‘Bridget Hackshaw’s The Architect and The Artists is both a personal tribute to her father and a valuable record of an important moment in our cultural history. The book, accompanying a yet to be released film, shines a light on a wonderfully fruitful collaboration which saw the architect James Hackshaw working with artist Colin McCahon and sculptor Paul Dibble on a series of religious buildings and private homes.

‘The impetus for the collaboration came from the Catholic Bishop of Auckland, Reginald Delargey (1914-1979). Inspired by the Second Vatican Council’s call for a more outward looking church, he placed much of the Diocese’s building programme in the hands of James Hackshaw, a talented young architect and founding member of the influential practice known as The Group. An essay by Julia Gatley details how his designs brought Le Corbusier inspired elegance to the DIY ethos of the Kiwi shed.

‘As a Catholic with a strong interest in contemporary art, Hackshaw established a strong bond with McCahon who was well into his mature period with works like the Gate Series and the Elias paintings, though his significance was still largely unrecognised.’

Read the full review by Paul Simie-Barton at Kete here.