Sarah Catherall interviews Anne Noble for Woman magazine


Sarah Catherall interviews Anne Noble for Woman magazine:

‘Renowned Kiwi photographer Anne Noble is generating plenty of buzz with her recent work. She talks to Sarah Catherall about capturing the beauty of bees in her own backyard.

When Anne Noble placed beehives in her garden about 10 years ago, she never expected two things would happen: she would fall in love with bees, and would spend the next chunk of her life photographing them.

Now, the contemporary artist is about to launch a book containing her stunning, intimate and ethereal bee portraits: Conversātiō – in the company of bees.

Over the past four decades, Anne has become renowned for her striking, often haunting, images of the natural world, which help us understand it better. One of the country’s most respected contemporary photographers, the 67-year-old talks via Zoom in her home studio, surrounded by her black and white photographs hanging on the walls.

Anne nods that her bees are happy in their hives. She has already been down to check on them today.’

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