30 Queer Lives contributor Andy Davies interviewed for BusinessDesk


Andy Davies, who features in 30 Queer Lives: Conversations with LGBTQIA+ New Zealanders has been interviewed for BusinessDesk.

‘I found my attraction to guys harder to ignore. In London, I had always brushed it off, telling myself it was because I was on holiday or it couldn’t be anything serious because I was high as a kite and anyway, I always had a girlfriend. But Auckland was home and it felt more real, like there was more at stake; I wasn’t just playing around overseas anymore. There was a gay pub called the Empire, and I decided to go there for a beer one night, only it wasn’t just going for a beer, it was going for a beer at a gay bar. I drove around in anxious circles for about an hour before I finally got the courage to go in.’

Read the full interview here.