Kaewa the Kororā reviewed in Swings + Roundabouts


Kaewa the Kororā has been reviewed in Swings + Roundabouts this month:

‘This is a gorgeous book with appealing and informative text alongside warm and descriptive illustrations that will delight young readers as they get to know the personalities and antics of some of the “real” kororā crew who live at the National Aquarium of New Zealand in Napier. The aquarium protects and rehabilitates kororā and is a perfect introduction to the many hazards that face our smallest penguins from both natural elements and man-made. The text is in English but uses a sprinkle of well-known te reo Māori throughout which grounds the book in being from Aotearoa New Zealand.

At the end of the book are photos and descriptions of some of the long-term residents from the aquarium and who we meet in the story. The story is quite long but the wording is simple and engaging for tamariki 3+.’