North & South reviews Bordering on Miraculous


A review of poet Lynley Edmeades and artist Saskia Leek’s collaboration Bordering on Miraculous has appeared in North & South’s May issue:

‘The kōrero series of “picture books for grown-ups” — the publisher’s description — is one of the most exciting projects in New Zealand publishing at the moment. Lloyd Jones oversees the undertaking, which yokes some of our best writers and artists in collaborations that are never less than inspiring and intriguing. If there is a theme, it would be that the results so far have also been distinguished by qualities of stillness and meditation. Human beings are not a focus. Nor could the results ever be described as rumbustious, although Leek’s imagery is composed in bright, vivid tones. Edmeades may refer to this when she writes: “It is too late to think of white now.” There is a feeling, too, that room has been left for readers to become collaborators with the writer and artist, creating their own links between words and pictures.’