The Forgotten Coast reviewed in Landfall


Landfall has published a comparative review by Rachel Smith of Richard Shaw’s memoir The Forgotten Coast and David Young’s Wai Pasifika: Indigenous ways in a changing climate:

‘Two very different books, one memoir and one non-fiction, The Forgotten Coast and Wai Pasifika: Indigenous ways in a changing climate offer an invitation to look closely at the world we live in — to listen and learn, to understand and re-remember. 

The Forgotten Coast by Richard Shaw is a new addition to Massey University Press’ short memoir series. Shaw is Professor of Politics at Massey University, and his memoir looks to fill in the gaps of his own forgotten story. In part, it is an attempt to personally respond to Rachel Buchanan’s The Parihaka Album: Lest We Forget, in which she asks:

What stories do your dead tell you? How do you see your past?

Like Buchanan’s, this book is an exploration and a reminder:

Forgetting is rarely innocent. People have to work hard not to know, not to recall, not to see, to be truly ignorant.’

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