Lyn Potter reviews Sylvia and the Birds on NZ Booklovers


Lyn Potter has reviewed Sylvia and the Birds: How The Bird Lady saved thousands of birds, and how you can, too! on NZ Booklovers. She says of the book by Johanna Emeney and Sarah Laing:

‘Sylvia and the Birds is the remarkable true story of how Sylvia Durrant, the Bird Lady, saved thousands of sick, injured, and lost birds and how you can too!

Sylvia was born in 1933 on a farm during the Great Depression. Unloved and unwanted, she spent much of her childhood in foster homes. Despite such a rough start she grew up to become a generous, warmhearted woman who loved caring for others.

Her life changed when she spotted an advertisement from the Bird Rescue Centre in the local paper asking for people to feed baby birds every two hours from daylight to dark and volunteered for the job. She loved it and was so good at it that they kept sending her more sick and injured birds to care for. By the time she retired in her eighties she had cared for 140,000 birds.

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