Sylvia and the Birds reviewed on The Sapling


Linda Jane Keegan has reviewed Sylvia and the Birds: How The Bird Lady saved thousands of birds and how you can, too! by Johanna Emeney and Sarah Laing on The Sapling. She says:

Sylvia and the Birds is an illustrated and photographic biography of Sylvia Durrant, aka The Bird Lady, as well as a conservation guide and activity book. Its format is annual-style; mixing up the storytelling in comics and prose, in between fact pages and banter between two kererū who are part narrators, part audience to the story itself.

Initially I wasn’t sure how I felt about the combination of photos and illustrations, but I’m so pleased they were included. The historical images especially give a sense of the era that Sylvia was brought up in and contemporary photos provide an additional level of detail to complement Sarah’s artwork.’

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