The RNZ Cookbook reviewed on NZ Booklovers


The RNZ Cookbook: A treasury of 180 recipes from New Zealand’s best-known chefs and food writers edited by David Cohen and Kathy Paterson has been reviewed on NZ Booklovers:

‘This gorgeous new cookbook is filled with 180 recipes from New Zealand’s best-known chefs and food writers who have shared a recipe with listeners on RNZ over the years.

It’s a Who’s Who of our culinary world and includes, amongst many others, Julie Le Clerc, Nadia Lim, Peter Gordon, Al Brown, Jo Seagar and Monique Fiso.

Afternoons host, Jessie Mulligan, an enthusiastic foodie himself, wrote the witty introduction in which he divulges who his favourite chef is.

The chapters are artfully arranged to match the day on air with RNZ and have us covered for every meal of the day while we listen to Morning Report, Nine to Noon, Midday Report and Nights.

At the back is a brief history of the RNZ followed by a quirky timeline of NZ food history, from 1769 when Captain James Cook arrived right up to the 2020 five-week national lockdown when so many of us embraced baking that there was a flour shortage.

Editors David Cohen and Kathy Paterson had the herculean task of choosing 180 recipes from more than 3000 on the RNZ website. They decided to focus on choosing the kind of healthy, easy and seasonal recipes we like to cook right now and to also reflect our multicultural society.’

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