Toi Motu magazine reviews The RNZ Cookbook


Reviewer Ann Gilroy writes:

The RNZ Cookbook is a carefully chosen selection of recipes from those drooled over in Radio New Zealand programmes during the year. It’s a clever selection for someone like me who likes cooking but doesn’t have a natural affinity to recipes requiring many steps or exotic ingredients. I’ve made a couple of the offerings (cakes) using the ingredients I had in the cupboard and garden — and Tui Motu staff and volunteers agreed they were delicious. The recipes are divided into expected sections. I have several pages marked with the intention of cheering up breakfast, dinner and dessert at my place. The RNZ Cookbook is a hardback production with handy prayerbook-style ribbon markers. It’s illustrated with pencil drawings rather than photographs of the completed fare, so for a novice it may require some imagination and anticipation. But with well-written and tested recipes for the home cook this would make a great gift — if not for use in the kitchen then for the coffee table.’