Stuff interviews Elizabeth Cox, editor of Making Space


Kelly Dennett has interviewed Elizabeth Cox about her new book, Making Space: A history of New Zealand women in architecture, for Stuff.

The history of New Zealand early 20th century architecture has largely been missing a key element: women. Elizabeth Cox has spent years rectifying this. What she found is a remarkable social history of how our world came to be built. Kelly Dennett.

Elizabeth Cox has a job few may know exists. She tells the stories of New Zealand’s buildings - often commissioned by their owners to research and write the story of their life. If these four walls could talk, this is what they would say; and they may not tell the story we think.

Says Cox, “A lot of our understanding of history is biased towards understanding the lives of a certain sector of New Zealand, but an examination of the social history of buildings can be a lens to help us understand the lives of others, especially women and the working classes.”’

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