John Daly-Peoples reviews Erebus The Ice Dragon for New Zealand Arts Review


John Daly-Peoples reviewed Colin Monteaths latest book Erebus The Ice Dragon: A portrait of an Antarctic volcano for New Zealand Arts Review:

‘The name Erebus for most New Zealanders is associated with tragedy after the fatal crash of flight  TE901 in 1979. In many ways that is appropriate as Erebus, in Greek myth was  the son of Chaos, the god of the  dark region of the underworld and the personification of darkness.

Erebus has excited  explorers, scientists , artists, climbers and tourists, all attracted by various aspects of the mountain. It is an extraordinary feature of Antarctica being an active volcano with dozens of ice caves, a lava lake and home to amazing ecosystem.

A new book” Erebus The Ice Dragon” by Antarctic veteran Colin Monteath brings together the  history, science, art and feats of adventure which make the Erebus and Antarctica a place of amazing beauty filled with secrecy and new areas to be explored and understood.

The book is a broad history about Erebus and Antarctica but also about the adventures and explorations from its earliest discovery though to the present-day. The extraordinary tales featuring extraordinary characters are accompanied by superb images of the explorations from the earliest sketches to the present. These images illustrate the landscape, the men , and their equipment which have travelled to this white continent.’

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