Little Doomsdays is Volume’s book of the week


The fifth in the kōrero series conceived by Lloyd Jones is Volume’s book of the week:

‘Little Doomsdays, a collaboration between writer Nic Low and artist Phil Dadson, is the latest volume in the exquisite and thoughtful Kōrero series edited by Lloyd Jones — a series of inspired matchings between writers and visual artists or photographers.

In an uncertain and changing world, how can we safeguard what is important to us against (or despite) the physical or cultural forces of annihilation (so to call them)? Extrapolating from the concept of waka huia in te ao Māori, Little Doomsdays collects by description other containers, both metaphorical and practical, from throughout the millennia and around the globe, intended (even if that intention is doomed) to preserve the treasures of human experience and safeguard the seeds of new possibilities.’

See the full piece here, including a selection of spreads from inside the book.