Rewi reviewed in the Waiheke Weekender


Jenny Nicholls has reviewed Jade Kake and Jeremy Hansen’s Rewi: Āta haere, kia tere in the Waiheke Weekender:

‘This beautiful book, four years in the making, is a fitting retrospective and tribute to the late Auckland architect Rewi Thompson (who died in 2016). As the writers, Jade Kake (architectural designer and housing advocate) and Jeremy Hansen (architectural writer) explain, Thompson cannot be pigeonholed in a box labelled ‘Māori architect’; he had an outsize impact on New Zealand’s architectural identity, not least through his infl uence on generations of students as an adjunct professor at the School of Architecture at the University of Auckland. He also created nationally important structures (including Wellington’s City to Sea Bridge), and “broke the binary that associates Māori with the natural world and Pākehā with the urban, showing that Māori narratives were just as relevant and potent in creating urban forms.” A typically gorgeous production from Massey University Press.’