Gretchen Albrecht reviewed in Waiheke Weekender


Jenny Nicholls reviews Gretchen Albrecht Revised Edition: Between gesture and geometry by Luke Smythe for Waiheke Weekender:

‘An absolutely sumptuous and beautifully written ‘coffee table book’ exploring the works of one of New Zealand’s best-known contemporary artists.

This comprehensive survey of the life and work of Gretchen Albrecht was first published in 2019, and has been updated with new works, and a fresh look at some work from the 1970s. This is a voyage through a life of irrepressible creativity; even within the monastic rules she has often given herself. Albrecht, whose abstract works are known for their energy, drama and exquisite use of colour, is an artist whose paintings require technical reproduction of the highest order. Her works receive this attention here, in 250 gorgeously produced images.

The author, Dr. Luke Smythe, a lecturer in art history, art theory and curatorship at Monash University, Australia, has given us one of the best of last year’s art monographs.’