Robert Oliver interviewed on RNZ’s Nine to Noon


On RNZ's Nine to Noon, Kathryn Ryan interviews Robert Oliver and Sir Colin Tuikuigona about Eat Pacific: The Pacific Island Food Revolution cookbook:

‘Robert Oliver says Pacific nations have such a rich food culture, that it's time to put it front and centre.

He's making the case for food sovereignty - giving back locals control over production and food systems that feed them and are part of their lives.

Robert says each Pacific nation has its own particular style that is worth more than the food options that have come to dominate.

Those are typically what is brought in by hotels, he says, and that has led to problems like obesity and a disconnect with local cultures.

His new book Eat Pacific celebrates the best local recipes and makes the case for more food sovereignty in the region.

Sir Colin Tuikuigona features in it as well - with some of his Niuean favourites.’

Listen to the interview here