Adam Claasen uncovers airmen’s stories

<p>Adam Claasen, author of Fearless.</p>

Adam Claasen, author of Fearless.

Adam Claasen has been getting well-deserved coverage surrounding his new book Fearless. —

'Uncovering the stories of New Zealand’s World War I pilots has been a fascinating journey for Massey University history lecturer Adam Claasen of Army Bay.

More than 800 Kiwi airmen (and a few women) served in the airforce, flying in operations over the Western Front, North and East Africa, London and the British Isles yet little has been written about their contribution to the war effort.

Adam spent three years immersed in the research and writing for his recently published book Fearless, [quoting] letters, diaries, flying logbooks and official documents.'

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