NZ Booklovers reviews The Front Line


‘There are spectacular images of the air force in action, as well as naval warfare. In one photo, there is a confronting image of a flying officer with severe facial burns. In others, you can feel the troops' exhaustion as they rest from battles in primitive conditions. In other images, you see the extensive destruction of cities caused by extensive bombing. Then there is the sand and dust of the North African deserts and the tropical beauty of the Pacific islands juxtaposed with the machinery of war. Other images show life in Prisoner of War camps with cameras that have been smuggled in.

‘The Front Line is a well-researched and well-presented book that will interest anyone who would like to know more about the Second World War. The images are immediate and compelling and take you back in time in a way that is difficult for words alone to convey. Simply put, this is an excellent book.’

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